Mams Parts is a site dedicated to cars, motors and machines. My name’s Jack and I’ve been obsessed with cars ever since I was younger. My father and I used to rebuild old cars and tinker with anyone we could get ours hands on. As a mechanic I get the chance to spend my day doing what I love and the rest is spent blogging here about my passion.

Growing up in Texas it’s not surprising that I have a love for trucks, the bigger the better! Any chance I get to work on a truck I jump at it. Modded trucks have always been a passion of mine and it’s unlikely that that will ever change, unless I magically can find something else than can run over anything and still look sexy.

My favorite car is without a doubt the Hummer H3 Alpha, it really is the alpha of it’s price bracket, dominating any other truck and rolling over anything in its way. With a powerful 300 hp it’s no surprise that it’s also considerably faster than a lot of other trucks, and it sounds like heaven.

The main aim of this blog is for me to share what I love about cars and motors, and to hopefully entertain you along the way. The motoring community can be extremely tight knit and with such huge amounts of information out there it can be hard to know what to believe and who to trust. I hope that I can do my part to dispel some of the myths out there and spread the knowledge that I’ve accrued over many years of dealing with motors.