How To Choose A Great Repair Shop For Your Vehicle

Mechanic in repair shopWhen your vehicle has been in a traffic accident you want to find the best auto repair shop in the city – you want your car repaired as expertly as possible and for the best price. Since there are many vehicle repair shops around you may be wondering how to know which one would be best for you. There are certain qualities that great vehicle repair shops share. Here is what you should be looking for.

•    Do they repair all kinds of cars? There are some vehicle repair shops that will tell you that they only repair European cars or they only work on domestic vehicles. This usually means that they are not experienced enough on vehicle repair, which forces them to focus on repairing only models they are familiar with. It also means that they skimp on training their employees – serious auto repair shops have a budget for training employees on repairing and maintaining all types of vehicle models, even if they specialize in one particular area.

Learn to spot fraudulent practices by checking the following video:

•    How will the repair affect your warranty? There are repair shops that repair your car and void your warranty. Since you don’t want this you should shop around for an auto repair service that leaves your warranty intact and can prove that they are ‘warranty approved’. You should also find out if you will get a warranty and how long it will last. The longer the better – it shows that the garage is confident about their parts and their labor.

•    People are so used to dimly-lit, greasy garages that they assume that this is the way it has to be. Not any more; there are now garages that have well lit bays and that are clean at all times to project a professional image such as at high-end dealerships – they acknowledge that this makes customers more comfortable and confident about their services.  You’re looking for highly trained technicians, not greasy auto mechanics to do the job right.

•    Shop around and find out how much it will cost to have your car repaired. There are some garages that are unnecessarily expensive – they charge high prices because they cater to high-end clientele. This does not mean that you should go with the cheapest garage – they could be that way because they cut corners. Go instead with an outfit that charges a fair price for excellent work but at the same time they should be cheaper than going directly to the local dealership, which is typcially the most expensive route – especially when parts are concerned.

•    Will they give you a car to get around in while yours is in the shop? The best repair shops provide loaner cars for their clients to use as they undertake repairs.

•    How long will they take to do the repairs? One common problem with big garages is that they take long to repair cars simply because they have many clients. You are better off going with a smaller outfit that will repair your car in a day or two or even same day depending on the issue.

Ralph Van Woerden is one automotive repair shop outside of Greater Vancouver BC that meets all these criteria; located in Chilliwack, they repair both European vehicles, Asian and domestic vehicles of all sorts.  For more information please visit or find them on the map below: