Find out how driving can be bad for your health!

Lately it seems that everything is suddenly hazardous to your health, well feel free to add another one to the list, because driving can cause long term health conditions. Driving isn’t exactly a new concept, with men and women driving horse drawn carts for many many years, but almost everyone drives now and its dangers are being realized.

Car crashes

The most obvious chance of getting hurt when driving is probably to have a car accident. Car accidents are on the rise, however new technology is helping to prevent serious injuries that would have otherwise occurred. It’s crucial that you make sure that you wear your seat belts at all times in a car, even when not moving in case another driver crashes into you. Also, make sure that your airbags are in working order and that your car has passed an MOT.back pain from driving

Back pain

Although our seats seem to be extremely comfortable, they are actually one of the leading causes of back pain. Most people have a tendency to lean forwards and not have their head against the headrest, which can cause spinal alignment issues and muscular pain in your back. To help prevent these issues one thing you should do is to move your seat much closer to the steering wheel, this will help prevent you over extending your back. Not only will this help to improve your back, it is also the optimum position for driving and allows you to more rapidly react to changes in the road. You should also consciously try and keep your back straight and your head raised, which will prevent spinal issues and posture problems.


Driving long distances every day, especially when commuting to work, has been linked to cases of depression and anxiety. Whilst this isn’t always the case for everyone, if you do feel any of these symptoms you should make sure to tell your doctor and see what can be done to help reduce them.


A 2 hour commute everyday adds a lot of time onto the end of your day, which could mean that you have to get up earlier and get to bed later. Driving is also extremely tiring when you have to stay concentrated everyday for multiple hours. To help prevent exhaustion you should try focus on getting good quality sleep rather than a larger quantity of sleep. This can be done by reducing distractions, and sticking to a sleep schedule throughout the week.


While it may not be the direct cause of obesity, increased levels of driving have been linked to an increase in waist line and cholesterol. If you live within walking distance of where you’re going then you should try and walk instead of driving, not only will it benefit your health, it’ll also be cheaper and help save you some money. If you don’t have this option then you should make sure to exercise as often as you can, even a daily walk will benefit your health and greatly reduce the chance of heart related diseases and illnesses.